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The purpose of the Society shall be to promote civic welfare by artistic and cultural advancement of the community; and to contribute to the education of the public through support of historical material and other appropriate activities.

The Solana Beach Civic and Historical Society is actively involved in and financially supports programs in education, civic affairs, local history, beautification, and community gardens.  Our monthly general membership meetings cover a wide range of topics from the practical and educational to the purely entertaining.  Social events are planned throughout the year.  A handicrafts group meets regularly to create items for the Society’s annual Holiday Boutique.  The Boutique and the sale of books about early Solana Beach written by one of our members helps raise money which we donate to various community projects in Solana Beach.

The Heritage Museum offers a hands-on journey back in time 100 years.  Located in La Colonia Park, the Museum guides the visitor from the original community of Lockwood Mesa through it transformation into Solana Beach.  Visitor begin in a 1900 kitchen and living room and, as they walk through the museum, they see the lifestyle changes that came with the arrival of running water and electricity.  A time line photo exhibit traces the history of Solana Beach as it developed from the arrival of the Indians and the Spanish explorers into the community of today.

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