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Claude E. Miles’ Meats & Groceries, 135 S. Hwy 101

Mr. Miles opened a meat market – grocery store on this spot, directly north of the Ira (I. E.) Conner groceries, meats and dry goods store. It was smaller and did not have the vast inventory Mr. Conner had.

Miles meats

(Photo courtesy of the San Diego Historical Society)

A view looking north on 101. In the foreground is Witmer’s Sandwiches, Fountain and Sundries. Next door is I. E. Conner’s store.

[sources:  Early Solana Beach, Recollections by George C. Wilkens & Robert “Chuckles” Hernandez as told to Jim Nelson, 2002 and Solana Beach, Forty Years of Progress, 1922-1962, April, 1962]