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Hobberlin Barber Shop, 207 N. Hwy 101

Bob Perry bought into a partnership at the barbershop. There were two gentlemen that owned it: Foy Cates and Kurt Visher. Bob bought out Foy then Foy moved to Texas in the early 1970s. Bob and Kurt were partners for approximately ten years and then somebody bought out Kurt. Bob was there a total time of more than 30 years at the barbershop.

The stores nearby at the time were Beebe’s drug store on the corner, run by Chuck Steeples. NAPA Auto Parts was right next to the barbershop in the old hardware store location.

[Source: Bob Perry interview as told to Richard Moore, SBCHS, 2004]

Bob Perry later opened another barbershop near Henry’s (now Sprouts) on San Rodolpho Dr. For a while, an old redwood surfboard and a wooden horse adorned the barbershop, so that kids could have something to play with as they waited, his daughter later said.

Perry and his wife, Shirley, had been married for 53 years. Their daughter said that in all those years together, her mom and dad only spent six nights apart. And that, she said, was when Perry was on his fishing boat with his son-in-law and son.

Perry once donated 18 palm trees that he had grown himself to the South Cardiff State Beach parking lot, according to a North County Times report in 1997.

Perry died from cancer in 2008.

[Source: North County Times via San Diego Union-Tribune, March 12, 2008]

A MapQuest writeup states “Ray Hobberlin’s opened in 1948, Bob Castro acquired in 1966.”

It’s not clear whether the Bob of “Bob’s Barbershop” refers to Bob Castro or Bob Perry. There’s no ready reference to Ray Hobberlin, the earlier owner of the shop.